Bridgewater College Effective Writing Workshops

Placement Procedures

Each student enrolled in ENG 110: Effective Writing and ENG 102: Effective Writing II will write an essay early in the semester that Effective Writing professors will read and score. On the basis of this score, students may be exempted from attending regular Effective Writing Workshops in the Writing Center. Those students who are not exempt should plan on regularly attending Effective Writing Workshops throughout the semester, beginning in the third week of the semester.

Effective Writing Workshops are held in the Writing Center (Bowman 310) and conducted by the Writing Center staff. The writing workshop should be thought of like a lab course for a science or foreign language.

Writing the In-Class Placement Essay

The placement essay will be written during a class period in the first two weeks of the semester. All ENG 110 students write on the same topic, and all ENG 102 students write on the same topic. The reading assignment is available before the class period when the essay is written, but the writing assignment is handed out at the beginning of the period when it is written. It is best to prepare for the essay by reading the assignment and making notes or doing a little research, but the timed essay will be written during class time.

Writing faculty will read placement essays at the end of the second week of classes. Two professors will read each essay. An email from Dr. Trupe, Director of the Writing Center, will be sent to inform students whether they have exempted from the Workshop, and each Effective Writing professor will have the results at the beginning of the third week of classes.

Attending the Workshop

Select a time for regular Workshop attendance.  If none of the times listed below are practical for you, please contact Dr. Trupe to schedule an alternative regular meeting time.  In addition to using Workshop time for working on ENG 110 or 102 papers, you can work on writing for other classes such as PDP, History or Oral Communication or seek tutorial assistance with that writing.

Please schedule your workshop sessions with Dr. Trupe, whose office is in Bowman 311, inside Bowman 310 (phone: 5604; email:, .

ENG101 Writing Workshop times for Fall 2010:
  • Tuesday afternoons 3:30-5:00
  • Tuesday evenings 6:00-7:30 or 6:30-8:00
  • Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:30 or 6:30-8:00
  • Thursday afternoons 3:30-5:00

Alternative times may be arranged if needed.


Updated by Dr. Trupe August 26, 2010

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