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I Am Bridgewater, I Am Boundless

Boundless in its opportunities for challenge and fulfillment, Bridgewater College provides a rich environment for growing, learning and succeeding. There’s no limit on dreams at Bridgewater or on the ways to fulfill them.

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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

Hey BC students!

I’m Anne, a senior studying health and exercise science with a psychology minor. I’m also the president of the student ambassador association at Bridgewater College. Student Ambassadors is a club on campus that has more than 60 members.

The Bridgewater Experience

The Bridgewater Experience

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Post-Graduation Results

Post-Graduation Results

Admission Requirements

Bridgewater College Admission Requirements

Bridgewater College welcomes all applicants with a high school education, previous college experience, international students and those looking to re-enter college for a new career.

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