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Councils and Committees

SACS QEP Learning Objectives and Program Design

Engaged Learning for Personal and Social Responsibility

The goal of our QEP is for Bridgewater College to be a community where students create ideas and engage in civil discourse to address complex issues, both societal and personal.

SACS Bridgewater College QEP

The Bridgewater College QEP: “ Academic Citizenship”


Academic Citizenship is focused on two key components of the college experience.
1) ensuring student’s academic success by developing a specific set of skills needed to engage in academic,

SACS QEP Timeline


Initial Meeting of Co-Chairs (19 June 2008)

8/25 Introduce and Start Process at Opening Faculty Meeting
8/28 Met with Facilities and housekeeping staff to Introduce QEP process
8/28 Met with Athletic coaches to

SACS QEP Minutes

QEP Minutes

Below, in chronological order, are minutes of the meetings held in the design and development of Bridgewater College's QEP.

SACS QEP Committees and Contacts



  • Julia Best, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Jim Bowling, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Tim Brazill, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Jennifer Duncan, Assistant Professor of History
  • Jamie Frueh,