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Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal from College

To withdraw from Bridgewater College at any time during a semester, a student must first confer with the associate dean for academic affairs who will provide a form requiring the signatures of appropriate college personnel. A student who fails to withdraw properly may forfeit his or her dormitory and room key deposit, will receive failing grades in all currently enrolled courses and may be ineligible for refund as described in the refund policy section.

If, at any time, the conduct of any student becomes detrimental to the work of other students, and it is in the best interest of the College, the administration reserves the right to request, or, in some cases, require, the student to withdraw from the College community. If and when a student is asked or required to withdraw, there is no refund of tuition, fees, or room charges, and board fees generally are pro-rated.


A student who is absent from the College for a semester or longer, or one who has withdrawn from the College for any reason, must apply for readmission to the associate dean for academic affairs. If the applicant for readmission withdrew for health reasons, a letter of recommendation and evaluation will be required from a health professional.