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Written Agreements for Educational Programs

Bridgewater College has entered into written agreements with other institutions under which the institutions provide part of the educational program for students enrolled at Bridgewater College.

Name of School/Organization Location of School/Organization Program Offered Portion of Program Not Being Offered by Bridgewater College Method of Diversity Estimated Additional Costs That May Occur
**George Mason University Fairfax, VA Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation 1 Semester (13%) On Campus Health insurance and all personal expenses
*George Washington University Washington, DC Engineering 2 Years (40%) On Campus and Field Work Contact George Washington University at 202-994-7311
*Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Master of Science in Nursing 2 Years (40%) On Campus Contact Vanderbilt University at 615-322-7311
*Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA Engineering 3 Years (50%) On Campus Contact Virginia Tech at 540-231-6000
**BCA Study Abroad Elizabethtown, PA Study Abroad 1 Semester (13%) On Campus Health insurance and all personal expenses
**Institutional Student Exchange Program (ISEP) Arlington, VA Study Abroad 1 Semester (13%) or 1 year (25%) On Campus Health insurance and all personal expenses
Bridgewater College agrees to award and disburse federal and state financial aid according to applicable regulations and requirements.
*Financial Aid, if applicable, will not be processed by Bridgewater College. The student is not enrolled under hiatus status.
**Adjustments may be made to institutional aid from the College. Please contact the office of financial aid for additional information.