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Committee on Campus Diversity

Defining Diversity

We define diversity broadly as the differences in thought and action that individuals bring to a group based on their culture, gender, race, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, marital and parental status, and socio-economic status.  Although acknowledging such differences is a necessary and important component of diversity, it is not a fully sufficient definition. 

Embracing diversity requires us to move beyond simple tolerance of differences to truly understand and value diverse groups, views, and opinions.  Thus, we seek solidarity among the many voices and perspectives that exist within our community and to engage this diversity in developing our pedagogical practices and institutional policies.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bridgewater College Diversity Committee is to encourage a more diverse, inclusive and positive community that values individual and group differences and commonalities, and that fosters awareness, respect, understanding and cooperation among all of its members.


  • Create an inviting and positive community by building mutual understanding and celebrating diversity both on campus and within our larger community
  • Advocate for greater diversity on campus
  • Be a source of information on diversity issues on campus
  • Function as a support to the campus community and to the Center for Cultural Engagement