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CICV Benefit Consortium General Information

Bridgewater College is a member of the Council on Independent Colleges in Virginia (CICV) Benefits Consortium which launched a self-insured health benefits program for 12 member schools on January 1, 2010. By joining forces, the members have achieved strategic health care goals and market advantages envisioned by the founders more than 9 years ago. At a time when many employers continue to struggle with the quality and affordability of medical programs, this alliance has successfully partnered with our insurance carriers to:

  • Improve overall plan options
  • Decrease cost volatility
  • Generate cost savings
  • Enhance customer service, and
  • Establish long-term predictability for our health care programs

From inception, the overall renewal increases have been lower than general market trends and we are pleased to report that as a group, our 2013 renewal reflects our best plan performance to date. Regardless of individual claims experience, all members have been well-served by Consortium membership. Those with favorable experience have realized cost savings and those with less favorable experience have been helped by blending their results with a much larger group. As individual experience varies from year to year, our members will benefit from the "leverage" of the larger group –when they most need it. The ongoing success of the CICV Benefits Consortium is further demonstrated by the addition of group Dental and Vision programs in 2012. Details regarding all of our plans are provided in the documents below.