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SACS Review Process

The Reviews

While the official date of Reaffirmation of Accreditation is 2012, the actual reviews take place in 2011. There are two parts to the review process: the Off-Site Peer Review and the On-Site Peer Review.

Off-Site Peer Review – March 1, 2011 submission

Bridgewater College will submit its Compliance Certification on March 1, 2011 to SACS. At that time it will be forwarded to a SACS Off-Site Peer Review Committee, composed of a chair and normally eight to ten evaluators who will read the report and then in May of 2011 convene in Atlanta, Georgia to determine whether Bridgewater College is in compliance with all Core Requirements (except 2.12, QEP), Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements. The SACS Off-Site Peer Review Committee will prepare a report for Bridgewater College, recording and explaining its decisions regarding compliance for each of the 82 requirements or standards. This report is also forwarded to the On-Site Peer Review Committee.

On-Site Peer Review – October 18-20, 2011

Following review by the Off-Site Peer Review Committee, an On-Site Peer Review Committee will conduct a focused evaluation at Bridgewater College, on October 18-20, 2011, to finalize issues of compliance with the Core Requirements, Comprehensive Standards, and Federal Requirements; to give possible consultation regarding the issues addressed in the QEP; and to evaluate the acceptability of the QEP. At the conclusion of the visit, the On-Site Peer Review Committee will finalize the Report of the Reaffirmation Committee. This written report of findings noting any areas of non-compliance, including the acceptability of the QEP, will be forwarded to the Commission on Colleges for review and action on reaffirmation. The report will reviewed by one of the standing committees of the Commission and a recommendation regarding reaffirmation of accreditation will be forwarded to the Executive Council. The Executive Council recommends action to the full Commission, who makes the decision. The full Commission meets twice a year.

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