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SACS QEP Learning Objectives and Program Design

Engaged Learning for Personal and Social Responsibility

The goal of our QEP is for Bridgewater College to be a community where students create ideas and engage in civil discourse to address complex issues, both societal and personal.

Student Centered Goals

Faculty/Staff Centered Goals

Infusion of conflict transformation skills across curricular and co-curricular experiences

Modeling civil discourse beyond the classroom.

Increased opportunities to develop skills that encourage students’ engagement in conversations about complex social and personal issues.

Development of “active, integrative, and collaborative” learning experiences in the classroom to enhance students’ engagement with complex issues.

Learning Objectives
(altering the environment that supports student learning)

Increased pedagogical opportunities for students to learn conflict transformation skills and civil discourse in/out of the classroom in order to take seriously the perspectives of others.

Increased opportunities for students to engage in lively, well-reasoned, civil discussions about class topics or contemporary issues beyond the classroom.

Increased opportunities for course modules on research literacy and skills for students so that they are well informed consumers of information and can design and/or use research to frame discourse and solutions to complex problems.

Increased opportunities for faculty to model civil discourse and engage students in discussions beyond the classroom.

Increased opportunities for faculty development of active and collaborative learning experiences inside the classroom to enhance student engagement with complex issues.


“Asking Big Questions”
Jean Willi; Crystal Lynn; Stephanie Wilson; Jeff Pierson;

Certificate of Civil Discourse:
Steven Ochocki; Betsy Hayes; Betty Hoge; Laura Yordy

Symposium/Research Week:
Jim Bowling; Tim Brazill; Johnny Ellis

Pedagogy Workshops:
Stephanie Wilson; Jamie Frueh; Jenn Duncan;

Supporting Values / Complementary Objectives

Building stronger collaboration between Student Life and Academic Affairs
Coordinating Calendar