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SACS QEP Timeline


Initial Meeting of Co-Chairs (19 June 2008)

8/25 Introduce and Start Process at Opening Faculty Meeting
8/28 Met with Facilities and housekeeping staff to Introduce QEP process
8/28 Met with Athletic coaches to introduce QEP process
8/29 Met with Student affairs staff, including staff, administrators, resident directors, and resident assistants to introduce QEP process
9/22 Met with Student senate to introduce QEP process,
9/25 Letter in the student newspaper, Veritas,outlining QEP process
9/25 Extensive presentation at the monthly faculty meeting
11/7 Introduced QEP process at Board of Trustees meeting
Dec SACs Leadership Team:Attend SACS Conference in San Antonio, Texas

July Co-Chairs Attend SACS Summer Institute in Houston, Texas
7/28 Co-Chairs drew up plan for upcoming year
8/7 Co-Chairs met with SACS leadership Team, Carol A. Scheppard and SACS liaison Sue Piepke to give overview of 2009-2010 QEP plan
8/25 Half-day workshop -- Brainstorming session with Faculty during Opening Faculty Workdays
9/16 Brainstorming Session with Communications Committee
9/24 Met with Executive Council (Vice Presidents include Academic Affairs, Finance, Administration, College Relations and Institutional Advancement) to update on QEP process
10/7 & 10/26 Brainstorming Sessions with Student Affairs Staff and Student Senate
11/6 Met with Board of Trustees to update on QEP process
12/7 SACs Leadership Team: Attend SACS Conference in San Antonio; Co-Chairs pan 2010-2011 QEP timeline


1/11 Formation of the Proposal Analysis Team (PAT)
2/1 Co-coordinators met to plan first PAT meeting
2/2 Initial Meetings of PAT – campus feedback solicited.
2/11Co-coordinators met with Council on Athletics to update on QEP
process. Co-coordinators met to plan second PAT meeting
2/16 Initial review of seven proposals by PAT – designs for campus feedback solicited
3/2, 3/16 & 3/30 PAT discerns issues and selects QEP topic – campus feedback solicited
4/6 QEP Topic announced at Founder’s Day
4/29 Introductory meeting of the QEP Planning Committee
7/13 July 13 pedagogy lunch with members of the committee and others to discuss the idea of engagement
8/13 All day retreat for QEP Planning committee
8/24 QEP brainstorming at Fall Faculty meetings
9/29 QEP Planning Committee meeting
10/21 Student Focus groups during PDP day
10/22 QEP coordinators meet with sub-committee representatives
10/27 QEP directors give update to Student Senate
11/5 Presentation to the Board of Trustees
11/18 QEP Planning Committee meets and produces the nugget.
12/ 4-7 SACS-COC conference in Louisville
12/14 In preparation for the committee meeting, the coordinators sent a letter outlining what they learned at the SACS conference.
12/16 QEP Planning Committee report back from SACS
Dec-Jan Draft summary of QEP topic identification process; draft implementation and management structure; draft assessment plan, student learning outcomes, assessment tasks, and assessment of progress; draft demonstration of broad based involvement of community

1/10/11 Tele-conference with Dr. Michael Johnson
1/17 Presentation to the Advancement Office staff
1/27 QEP Planning Committee meeting
2/18 QEP retreat meeting all afternoon – design for implementation structure, review assessment data, literature review of best practices, design for assessment strategies and assessment cycle,
2/25 Planning committee sub committees meet
March 1--Compliance Certification Submitted
3/18 Full committees meet to report back
3/22 Coordinators meet with President and VPAA for update and sharing of ideas.
4/1 Full committee meeting with time for sub-committee work
4/15 Full committee meeting
4/29 Final Planning Committee meeting
June-July Outline of five-year budget
June-July Completion of QEP document
August--Submission of QEP to SACS
Oct 18- 20--On-Site Peer Review Conducted
Nov--Begin implementation of QEP

2012 May/June Review by the Commission on Colleges