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Academic Advising Center

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The Bridgewater College Academic Advising Center is your source for information on academic advising, whether you're a faculty advisor or a student advisee.

Academic advisors serve as mentors to students throughout their Bridgewater education as they choose a course of study and prepare for graduation. The center provides you with the resources you need to get started and in-depth assistance to guide the educational experience.

Every student at Bridgewater College is assigned an academic advisor. Once a student declares a major (through the registrar’s office), the academic department designated assigns that student an academic advisor. The process works differently in different departments—in some majors, students can expect to retain the same advisor for their entire career at Bridgewater; in others, students will be assigned a different advisor each year, depending on their classification (freshman, sophomore, etc.).

Students who have not yet declared a major are assigned an academic advisor until they do declare a major. These advisors are specially trained to help students think about and make decisions regarding their academic choices, helping them decide on an academic major that fits their intellectual interest and aptitude, as well as their potential vocational pathways.

To declare an academic major, students should contact the registrar’s office.


Rebecca Hall
Room 219


Dr. Edward W. Huffstetler
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs