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Academic Affairs

Committed to the pursuit of excellence

The office for academic affairs is dedicated to carrying out the academic mission of the College through administering an outstanding array of undergraduate programs, certifications and pre-professional programs.

The office is committed to providing students with excellent instruction and outstanding opportunities facilitated by a superior faculty.

The education offered at Bridgewater is broad, deep and liberating. It can emancipate one from narrow provincialism and from the distortion of subjective bias; it can free individual creativity and promote the art of the examined life; it can develop the realization that the gift of life demands service to humanity.

It helps to conserve basic values while recognizing the need for change. It leads one, while acknowledging that truth is not fully known, to submit to the best and fullest truth that can be known.

Bridgewater College has been cited by the John Templeton Foundation as a "college that encourages character development." Especially noteworthy are our Personal Development Portfolio Program (1 of 60 colleges to be recognized for first-year programs) and our Academic Integrity - Honor Code (1 of 35 colleges to be recognized).

We are pleased to have received this confirmation of our programs from the Templeton Foundation and thank them for this recognition.