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The Big Question Faculty Fellows

The Essential Role of the Faculty Fellows:

  • Faculty Fellows are responsible for organizing and facilitating at least one discussion in extra-curricular venues like convo, post-convo or post-film discussions. You can even organize new smaller discussion-based community gatherings called “fireside chats.” 
  • During these discussions, Fellows are asked to be explicit about the processes they used to think and reach conclusions about the topics they discuss. They are encouraged to stretch beyond their comfort zones of expertise in order to engage new ideas and new arguments, so that students can see them do so.
  • In addition to, but possibly in conjunction with, the above discussion responsibilities, each fellow will write an article on the some aspect of fairness that will appear in the Veritas at some point during the year. This could be in the form of a testimonial about a time when you had to make a judgment about an issue of fairness, or a commentary on a fairness aspect of something from current affairs, or whatever fits your style.
  • Faculty Fellows will judge the fairness student paper competition at the end of the year.
  • As a Faculty Fellow, you might be invited to a free lunch as part of the “Take a Fellow to Lunch” program, in which the program pays for you to eat with a group of students to talk about issues of fairness.

If you are interested in joining our team, please contact:

Jamie Frueh or Betsy Hayes for more information!