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The Big Question Paper Competition

Attention Bridgewater Students!

What: Chance to win $250 and have your work published!
When: Deadline April 20, 2013
How: Write a fantastic paper and submit to the paper competition!

As you begin to consider final paper topics for your classes this semester, keep in mind that the Academic Citizenship program and the Big Question Faculty Fellows will be sponsoring a paper competition during the spring semester. As this year’s Big Question is “What is Fair?” any papers relating to topics of fairness may be submitted.

There are many ways to tie in the theme to your coursework. For example, Dr. Jamie Frueh recently assigned a paper to his World Politics class about the development of nuclear arms in Iran. The discussion of whether different nations should be allowed to develop nuclear weapons is certainly centered on fairness. Another example drawn from a health and wellness education course is whether requiring elementary, middle and high school students to take P.E. classes is fair to all students.

The deadline for this competition is not until April, but submissions can be sent at any time. So, if you have a great paper idea you are working on this semester, feel free to polish it up and send it in for consideration.

A panel of faculty members will select the winning entries to be announced at the end of Spring semester. The winning writer will win a $250 prize and will have their paper published in the Philomathean at the end of the academic year! Second and third place winners will receive $100 and $50, respectively.

The library has organized a Big Question research resource which will be a great asset to students working on competition submissions. It can be found here:

Direct any questions to Kathleen Herring, coordinator for academic citizenship, at