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Athlete Insurance

All students are encouraged to maintain comprehensive, primary health insurance coverage while enrolled at Bridgewater College.  You may have coverage under your parent’s policy or elect to purchase an individual policy offered by several insurance companies. 

The College provides an NCAA Basic Accident Medical Program that covers student-athletes who sustain bodily injury during an intercollegiate athletic event or other activity that is authorized, organized or directly supervised by an official representative of the College, including practices, games and off-season conditioning. This policy does not cover illnesses or injuries that are unrelated to your participation in intercollegiate sports.

How to Report an Athletic Injury
All student athletes must report any sports-related injuries to a Bridgewater College certified athletic trainer. An athletic trainer will assess your injury and determine if further medical treatment is needed.  Student athletes are not charged for services provided by the College’s athletic trainers.

If the student athlete is referred to a medical provider for further treatment (or if you seek treatment independently), the following steps must be followed to assure proper insurance coverage:

  1. A medical claim must be filed, either by you or your medical provider, with your primary health insurance carrier (either your parent’s insurance or your individual policy if you have either). Make sure you comply with all requirements of your primary health insurance carrier.
  2. In addition, your medical provider must submit billing information to the NCAA’s carrier (Mutual of Omaha) as a secondary insurance (to any primary coverage). You will be responsible for any charges denied or not allowable for any reasons by the NCAA policy.
  3. You have 90 days from the date of injury to seek treatment for each claim under the NCAA insurance.  Treatment by the College’s certified athletic trainers and/or a medical practitioner will satisfy this requirement.  Athletic trainer or medical practitioner notes will suffice.
  4. You must file a signed claim form and HIPAA authorization form with the NCAA Insurance provider within 90 days of the injury.  You may obtain these forms, and information on the NCAA policy, from the College’s certified athletic trainers.

Other Important Information

  • Direct billing by providers usually results in direct payment by insurance carriers to the providers.  Make sure you give all providers your primary insurance and secondary insurance information and let the provider’s bill for you.
  • Many insurance programs will pay for intercollegiate athletic injuries only if proper procedures are followed.
  • Benefits will be reduced if proper referrals are not obtained for students who have HMO/PPO primary coverage.  Also, make sure you know if pre-authorization is required by your primary insurance, who you need to contact for this pre-authorization and make requests for pre-authorization if necessary.

Mailing Address for Athletic Claims
Mutual of Omaha
Special Risk Services
Attn:  NCAA Basic Accident Medical Program
P. O. Box 31156
Omaha, NE 68131-0156

Claim Representative for Bridgewater College
Shelley Finch
800-524-2324, Ext. 6532
Direct:  402-351-6532
Fax:  402-351-4732

Insurance Filing Procedure
Specific procedures for filing insurance will be discussed with student athletes at individual athletic team meetings during pre-season.  It is critical that all student athletes understand that the responsibility for filing and following claims for athletic injuries rests with him/her.  The athletic training staff is here to assist in this process but is not responsible for the outcome of the claims filing process, unpaid medical expenses, or any damage that can occur to the student athlete’s personal credit history as a result of insurance difficulties.