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Athletic Training Pre-Participation Forms

Pre-Participation Forms for Bridgewater College Athletes

Let me start this letter by saying how excited I am that you are pursuing your athletic dreams at Bridgewater College. We have enjoyed great success in the athletic arena in recent years. Most of this success is directly attributed to young athletes like you interested in excellence.

In order to support your athletic pursuit, the Bridgewater College Athletic Training Program is here to assist you. To assure your safe participation, the following document must be completed each year prior to your first practice.

Please consider the Bridgewater College Athletic Training Staff as your advocates for any health care issues. We are trained to handle medical emergencies, rehabilitation and  health care education. If at any time during your tenure at BC we can serve you, please inform us. Safe participation takes a team effort where you are the center of the team.

Are you taking medication for ADHD?

If you are taking ADHD medications, you must provide additional documentation to the athletic training staff related to that medication. The majority of ADHD medications are banned by the NCAA and requires additional documentation for potential medical exemptions.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter. Please contact me with any questions. I look forward to seeing each of you soon.

Barbara H. Long, EdD, VATL, ATC
Chair, Health and Human Sciences
Director, Athletic Training
Associate Professor, Health and Human Sciences