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The biology department at Bridgewater College has a dual mission:

  1. To provide comprehensive education in biological sciences to biology majors and other interested students
  2. To advance our understanding of the natural world through original research

To accomplish this mission, students take a core of biology courses including organismal biology, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, ecology and evolution.

Students pursuing a bachelor of science in biology degree can develop depth in their area of interest by taking upper level electives in any of the major subdisciplines of biology. Almost all our biology courses have laboratory sections which complement lecture material and stress hands-on, inquiry-based learning and application of the scientific method.

Resarch Projects and Learning Opportunities

Students are strongly encouraged to do independent or honors research projects with a faculty member, during both the school year and summer. Additional learning opportunities include in-class research projects, internships, clubs and speakers. Several programs of study have been developed to accommodate variations in students' individual interests, especially with respect to careers and graduate schools.

Current faculty include scientists/educators with a wide range of scientific expertise. They explore research topics in biology such as:

  • Production and degradation of bacterial plastics
  • Environmental cues influencing communication and reproduction in fishes
  • The role of the antimicrobial peptide LL-37 in autoimmunity
  • Effects of botfly parasitism on the reproductive success of rodent hosts
  • Role of stem cells in morphogenesis during development and regeneration
  • Human impacts on fisheries; invasive species
  • Mitochondrial DNA haplotype diversity among marbled salamanders
  • Terrestrial habitat use by vernal pond amphibians
  • Plant and fungal taxonomy and systematics
  • Regulation of cannabinoid receptor expression in macrophages
  • Phenotypic plasticity and life history in plants
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