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The chemistry department provides a solid foundation in the basic areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, and biochemical) for chemistry majors preparing for graduate school, a laboratory career or a professional school. The program introduces students to each area in both the class and the laboratory. Students have numerous opportunities for research, culminating in the senior research project.

Chemistry Majors are Well-Prepared

The departmental curriculum is intended to foster an increasing sense of independence in the student. Students build a firm understanding of chemical principles in general chemistry (first year) and organic chemistry (second year). In the junior and senior years students take classes from each member of the department who specialize in different areas of chemistry. When this process is complete, chemistry graduates are well-prepared for graduate school or an industrial career in the sciences.

Pre-professional Program in Pharmacy

The chemistry department offers a pre-professional program in pharmacy for chemistry majors interested in attending pharmacy school after graduation. Students complete a rigorous schedule of chemistry, biology and general education courses at BC in order to satisfy the requirements of various pharmacy schools. Students generally apply to pharmacy schools after their third or fourth year at BC. Interested students should contact the chemistry department chair.

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