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Careers and Graduate Schools for Chemistry

Pursuing a degree in chemistry at Bridgewater College leads to many opportunities and careers for chemistry majors. Below, you will find some of the graduate schools our students have attended and examples of careers and jobs for chemistry graduates.

Some of our graduates have been accepted to graduate schools such as:

Boston University
George Mason University
James Madison University
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
The Ohio State University
University of Pennsylvania
Shenandoah University
University of Tennessee
University of Toledo Medical School
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech
West Virginia University

Examples of careers and jobs for chemistry graduates include:

Art Restoration
Environmental Protection
Field Analysis
Government, including Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Higher Education
Industry, including Dow Chemical, Albright and Wilson, Merck, Prillaman Chemical, and SRI
Law, including Kodak Versamark
Secondary Education
Water and Wastewater Studies
Writing and Editing, including Chemical and Engineering News Magazine

Additional careers in chemistry can be found by visiting career exploration - types of jobs by major.