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Graduate School Advice and Search Engines for Communication Studies and Theatre

Graduate school is one option for students after they complete their Bachelor's degree. It provides students the opportunity to focus on a specific area of communication of their interest. When it comes time to make the decision on whether or not to attend graduate school, students are faced with a number of decisions and possibilities. Provided below is some advice for potential graduate students and graduate school search engines.

Advice for Potential Graduate Students

  • Try and narrow down your area of interest so that you can look into specific graduate programs.
    Examples: Gender Studies, Health Communications, Mass Media, Public Relations, Organizational Communications, Rhetorical Theory, etc. Here is a link to the different areas of interest in the field on Communication: Areas of Interest within Communication
  • Research different graduate school programs.
    Go visit campuses, ask your professors about the schools, thoroughly read websites, etc.
  • Take your GRE (Graduate Record Examination) as soon as you can. This way if you are not satisfied with your score, you can retake the exam. Here is a link to the GRE site. You will find information about the test, as well as study guides and tips: GRE Information
  • Start applying early.
    Although many schools have late application deadlines, some may have earlier deadlines for graduate and teaching assistant programs. Graduate and teaching assistant programs provide a way for students to pay for graduate school and students may benefit from them. Make sure to check the application dates for both the grad school you are applying to and the graduate and teaching assistant programs.
  • Graduate school is affordable. Apply to as many schools as soon as possible and don't be afraid to apply for an assistantship. This way you can make sure you have options and you can choose where you want to go to school. Although you may get into one of your top choices, a second choice may be the school that offers an assistantship that will not only pay your tuition, but also provide you with a small stipend.

Graduate School Search Engines