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Communication Studies and Theatre Honors Orals

Students graduating with honors need to successfully pass an oral examination. This exam will be conducted by two members of the student’s department and one faculty member from another department (typically, one of these people will be the student’s honors project advisor).

If you are a Communication Studies major, please use the following set of guidelines in preparation for your exam.

  • Schedule the exam to take place before April 15th of your senior year.
  • Prepare for the exam.
  • Review tests, papers, and major projects you have completed in your major classes.
  • Review your honors project if you are graduating summa cum laude or magna cum laude.
  • Talk to the committee members, especially your advisor, about the content and process of the oral exam.

While your committee members will have some questions for you regarding specific material, they will also ask you questions which require you to develop your own opinion. Some members of the committee may disagree with you and you may disagree with some of them. You should view this experience as an intellectual discussion between members of an academic community, a learning experience for all involved. Be prepared to defend your position - do not simply search for the answer you think the faculty member wants to hear.

While we are examining what material you have learned during your four years at BC, we are also examining your ability to engage in critical thought and discussion. If you do not pass the exam, you have 48 hours to appeal and request a re-examination.