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Economics and Business Administration

The George S. Aldhizer II Department of Economics and Business Administration offers two majors - Economics and Business Administration - that prepare students to pursue managerial and other professional careers as well as graduate education.

Integrating Theory and Practice

We strive to build on the liberal arts foundation provided by the College’s general education program and aim to give each student majoring in economics or business administration the knowledge, skills, and practice to become a successful and ethical leader, capable of making valued contributions to his or her workplace, society, and self.

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, case analyses, team projects and presentations, and other in-class activities, our courses are designed to integrate economic and business theory and practice; encourage independent and critical thinking using both qualitative and quantitative reasoning; and develop skills in decision making and implementation, teamwork and collaboration, and oral, written, and electronic communication.

Experiential learning opportunities abound through internships, study abroad programs, and participation in student organizations, to supplement classroom learning.

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