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Praxis Support

Praxis Core: Reading, Writing, and Math

To access Praxis Core practice tests and tutorial folders for test preparation e-mail Jenny Martin at

If you already have an account, follow these steps:

  1. Using Internet Explorer log into
  2. Turn off pop up blockers, and download plugins.
  3. Login.
    Account Login = BC11
    Edmentum user name = BC username
    Password = (you set this, but let me know if you need it to be reset)
  4. Under assignments, you will see three different math tests aligned with Praxis Core. One test for reading and one for writing is also available to take. Preparation folders guide you through exercises aimed to help improve your overall score.
  5. For practice tests, time yourself for the length of time you will be allowed for the exam (one hour or with extended time 11/2 hours).

Praxis II: Content Area

To access Praxis e-book study guides and practice tests:

  1. Search using “Praxis Series” in the library’s Alex catalog from the library’s home page:
  2. Click on the Electronic Resources hyperlink to open the PDF file.

Contact Information

Jenny Martin
540-271-0378 or