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Teacher Education Program Focus

Mission Statement

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The Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program (BC-TEP) seeks to prepare competent, caring and highly qualified teachers. In support of the Bridgewater College mission, we endeavor to educate students who will be equipped to become leaders, who live ethical, healthy, useful, and fulfilling lives with a strong sense of personal and civic responsibility. We provide a curriculum in which future educators are given opportunities to develop the necessary professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in content, communication, management, assessment, and pedagogy, each encompassing technology and student diversity. Field experiences allow students to apply reflective practice, analyzing pedagogical theory and strategies. The BC-TEP provides a foundation for learning that instills in our graduates the desire to become lifelong learners and instructional leaders.

Program Goals

The goals of the teacher education program at Bridgewater College are framed around five areas: Content, Communication, Management, Assessment, and Pedagogy (CCMAP).

Content: Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate knowledge of facts, understandings, and concepts of the disciplines they will be expected to teach.

Communication: Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate appropriate skills of written and oral communication with students, core providers and colleagues, including respectful and informed communication across cultures and ethnicities.

Management: Successful candidates will model effective and efficient management of time, space and resources, including planning and organization of classrooms, lessons and classroom behaviors.

Assessment: Successful candidates will be able to use a variety of informal, formal, formative and summative assessments to measure student learning.

Pedagogy: Successful candidates will be able to design appropriate instructional strategies and presentation skills (including use of educational technologies) and understand the complex role of a teacher in the teacher/learning process.

The teacher education program at Bridgewater College takes very seriously the personal and professional dispositions required to be a successful teacher in today's world; therefore, the following dispositions are assessed of candidates throughout the program.

Conceptual Framework

The missions and goals of the Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program are built on a three-pillar conceptual framework, including culturally responsive pedagogy, liberal arts and reflective practice.

The following dispositions are expected of the Bridgewater College Teacher Education Program candidate: 

  • Responsible and dependable
  • Shows initiative
  • Punctual and regular in attendance
  • Exhibits the ability to make decisions
  • Sets appropriate priorities and meets deadlines
  • Displays mature judgment and self-control
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm for teaching
  • Has compassion for students
  • Dresses appropriately
  • Demonstrates professional behavior with students, families and school personnel
  • Maintains confidentiality
Be part of the program that trained two 2012 national teachers of the year!

  • Cindy Ferek ’96, from Turner Ashby High School in Bridgewater, Va., in health and physical education
  • Carlie Smith ’07, from G.W. Carver Elementary School in Salem, Va., in special education