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Pre-Professional Programs for Health and Human Sciences

Many of the most lucrative careers in healthcare begin the education process with a bachelor’s degree. Generally, the best approach to pre-professional study involves flexibility.  While a student may identify themselves as pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, etc., the specific undergraduate major selected is not as important as successful completion of pre-requisite courses and overall academic achievement. Select a major with courses that interest you and add the varied professional school pre-requisite classes as your college electives. Identifying your pre-professional interests will enable you to get matched with an academic advisor that can counsel you through your academic choices.

It is imperative to remember that regardless of the major, graduation with a bachelor’s degree does not guarantee later admission to a professional school. Admissions to graduate school, in all healthcare disciplines, is extremely competitive. Students have an equal opportunity to earn their way into graduate programs by their academic performance (grade point average), specific admission tests, letters of recommendation, and in some cases interviews and outside of the classroom experiences/observations. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the professional school for current information regarding admissions requirements and applications.

Majors in health and exercise science and athletic training can specifically prepare a student for graduate school admissions in the fields of physical therapy and occupational therapy. The student should team with his/her advisor in order to devise a plan allowing the student to complete all prerequisite courses for graduate school admissions.

Dual-degree Program in Physical Therapy

An articulation agreement exists with Shenandoah University in physical therapy. Students applying to this program and meeting minimal requirements will be strongly considered for admission to the doctor of physical therapy program. All questions regarding the articulation agreement should be directed to the student’s advisor or the department chair of health and human sciences.