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History and Political Science

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The department of history and political science prepares students that are pursuing a bachelor of arts in political science, history or international studies for a life of active citizenship and intellectual engagement.

Student in Classroom Studying at One of the Best Political Science Colleges

Knowledge of history equips students for participation in core social, political, economic and religious institutions by providing essential information about them, and it helps students grasp the possibilities of the future and understand both themselves and others across the world.

Like all the best political science colleges, our courses teach critical analysis of the institutions, policies and philosophies of government so that students become effective citizens in local, national and global communities and influence the political conversation that shapes the world.

The history and political science faculty aim to engage students actively in their education. Our dynamic style of teaching emphasizes discussion, reflection, simulations, problem-based learning and collaborative research between faculty and students.

This commitment extends to promoting experiential learning beyond the classroom, including internships, off-campus education and work with related student clubs. Many students from the department take leadership roles in student organizations such as the Student Senate and the Pre-Law Society.

The department offers distinctive on- and off-campus experiences during Interterm that have included trips to the United Nations, Washington, D.C., India, France and South Africa. Students can also participate in semester-length programs abroad.