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Bridgewater College Pre-law Society

The Pre-law Society is a student-led club that provides students opportunities to learn about law school and legal careers. Activities include visits to law schools and courts, interviews with BC alumni who are lawyers, public forums and debates on legal issues and LSAT preparation sessions. In spring 2011, the Pre-law Society visited the US Supreme Court, where we heard an oral argument before the Court, toured the Court and discussed the Supreme Court with one of Justice Kennedy’s law clerks.

Contact: Dr. Jim Josefson, Flory 217

Pre-Law Advising

Students from any major can attend law school, so there is no standard major for students interested in a legal career. However, history, political science, English and philosophy and religion majors (programs of study that emphasize critical thinking, verbal skills, and writing) are the most common majors for law school applicants.  Students interested in law school work with the pre-law advisor, Dr. Jim Josefson, to pick classes relevant to their specific legal interests, prepare for the LSAT, use the Law School Admission Council’s Credential Assembly Service, get letters of recommendation, write a personal statement and pick schools to which to apply.

Contact: Dr. Jim Josefson, Flory 217

Law School Admission Council Information

All students applying to law schools must take the Law School Aptitude Test (LSAT) and register with the Credential Assembly Service (LSDAS).