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Music Admissions Information

To apply for admission to the Department of Music, follow the procedure outlined by Bridgewater College office of admissions. To arrange an audition or visit to the campus, contact a department faculty member.


  • Margie Ann Conner Music Scholarship
  • The Miller-Michael Music Scholarship
  • The Ruth Weybright Stauffer Organ Scholarship
  • Other Music Scholarships

The music scholarships listed above are open to all full-time Bridgewater College students, regardless of their academic major. These scholarships are renewable each year the recipient is in residence.Auditions are heard by the music faculty, and nominees are submitted to the office of financial aid for final selection. Audition dates are set for each individual, but must be completed by March 15, 2012. Vocal and instrumental auditionees should plan on meeting with ensemble conductors and attending an ensemble rehearsal (vocal ensembles on Monday or Wednesday, and instrumental ensembles on Tuesday or Thursday).

Requirements for the audition for various performance areas are listed below.

Keyboard: Organ or Piano

  • Four Major Scales played by both hands simultaneously for at least 2 octaves
  • Two selections taken from standard classical piano or organ repertory that do not exceed ten minutes total.


  • Five note scales, sung both ascending and descending on "ah" or "oh," starting in midrange and moving to the lower and upper extremes of the singer's usable singing range.
  • Two selections taken from standard classical vocal repertory with live piano accompaniment. Selections need not be in a foreign language. The time limit is ten minutes.

Wind or Percussion Instruments or Guitar

  • Four Major scales that cover the range of the given instrument, or four rudimentary exercises for percussion instruments or guitar.
  • Two selections taken from standard classical repertory that do not exceed ten minutes total.

The recipients of music scholarships are required to contribute significantly to the musical program of Bridgewater College by enrolling in applied (private) music lessons in the area of proficiency, performing in recitals sponsored by the department of music, and participating in one or more of the College's musical ensembles. Year to year retention of scholarships is dependent on the student's academic record and an evaluation by the music faculty.

In order to be considered, the audition must take place before March 15, 2012. There is no application form for scholarships, but applicants must be admitted to Bridgewater College prior to scheduling a live audition. With permission, auditionees may submit a DVD or CD performance in lieu of a live audition.