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Majors and Minors for Philosophy and Religion

Philosophy and Religion Major

Requires the bachelor of arts degree. Consists of not less than 33 credits with a minimum of 12 credits each from philosophy and religion, the remaining credits composed of courses approved by the department and chosen in individualized consultation with the academic advisor. In their senior year, majors must take the philosophy and religion seminar (either as PHIL 430 or REL 430).

Philosophy and Religion Minor

Consists of 18 credit hours selected from philosophy and religion courses in consultation with the advisor in the minor. It also requires an emphasis in one of the following areas: world religions, theology, philosophy, biblical studies or ethics.

World Religions

REL 340 Religions of the Near East
REL 350 Religions of the Far East


REL 331 Christian Beliefs
REL 332 Reformation Theology
REL 333 Contemporary Christian Thought


PHIL 228 Philosophy of Popular Culture
PHIL 310 Logic
PHIL 331 The Classical Mind
PHIL 332 Modern Mind
PHIL 333 Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 335 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 337 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 420 Post-Modernism

Biblical Studies

REL 325 The Uses and Abuses of Christian Scripture
REL 326 Readings in Hebrew Scriptures
REL 327 Biblical Themes in Literature
REL 310 Jesus in History and Culture


PHIL 225 Contemporary Moral and Political Problems
PHIL 235 Bioethics
PHIL 320 Professional Ethics
PHIL 322 Gender and Ethics
PHIL 340 Environmental Ethics
REL 400 Peace Studies Seminar
REL 420 Christian Social Ethics

Peace Studies Minor

Addresses the continuing need for intellectually substantial, morally grounded and practically effective alternatives to socially conditioned structures of conflict and violence. Consists of 18 credit hours including the following courses:

REL 335 Christian Perspectives on Violence and Peace
REL 420 Christian Social Ethics
SOC/PHIL 319 Conflict Transformation

And three of the following courses:

PHIL 225 Contemporary Moral and Political Problems
PHIL 490 Independent Study
REL 317 History of the Christian Church
REL 319 History of the Church of the Brethren
REL 340 Religions of the Near East
REL 400 Peace Studies Seminar
REL 490 Independent Study
PSCI 335 Peace, War and World Politics
PSCI 356 United States Foreign Policy
PSCI 420 International Law and Organization
SOC 325 Development and Underdevelopment in the Modern World

Courses listed on a student’s plan of the major in philosophy and religion are excluded.

General Education

The College’s general education requirement of courses in religion or philosophy and in global diversity can be met by courses in the department of philosophy and religion. See the course’s description in the catalog to discover the category to which a particular course applies. REL 220 meets the religion requirement of the College’s general education plan.