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Travel Abroad - Philosophy and Religion

Let us go forth upon our travelers' way …
Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales 33.269

Philosophy and Religion offers three Interterm classes devoted to travel abroad:

  1. Classical Cultures: The Mediterranean World
  2. Germanic Cultures
  3. The Lands of the Bible

These three-week courses integrate intensive study with experiential learning, allowing students to walk in the footsteps of key historical figures such as Socrates, Jesus, and Paul while experiencing the cultural rhythms of contemporary life in Europe and the Middle East. Because we believe that these trips mark a starting point for students to undertake their own journeys of self-discovery, we concur with the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who insisted that “we must travel because immediate self-observation is not enough, by a long way, to enable us to know ourselves.” Traditionally, those inclined toward the philosophical and religious life have echoed this connection between travel and wisdom.