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Students Majoring in Psychology

Psychology is the systematic, scientific study of physiological, behavioral, and mental processes in humans and animals. The field of psychology is simultaneously a scholarly discipline, a research domain and an applied profession. Psychologists may work in clinical, counseling, educational, industrial or social settings and play central roles in the fields of health, sports, politics and business.

Psychology at Bridgewater

Students majoring in psychology study:

  • Significant concepts
  • Theories
  • Research findings
  • Methodological approaches that have shaped the history of psychology
  • Approaches that represent the contemporary status of the field

A vital component of a Bridgewater student's training in psychology is direct involvement in psychological research and the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to the prevention, treatment and solution of individual and social problems.

A Diverse, Research-Focused Curriculum

The department curriculum is research-focused while sampling from sub-fields within psychology that are traditionally regarded as fundamental (cognition, developmental and social) and those more often labeled as applied (clinical and behavioral), in addition to  neuroscience. Students may fulfill the senior capstone requirement through a faculty-mentored research project or through applied helping skills in a practicum setting at one of many human service agencies in the area.