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Learning Opportunities and Resources for Sociology

BCA Study Abroad

The sociology department encourages all students, regardless of major or minor pursued, to participate in the BCA Study Abroad program. It is common for students to combine sociology with a major or minor in another discipline such as foreign languages, the natural sciences, philosophy, social work, psychology, communication studies, or business administration.

SOC 480: Internships

Internships are excellent opportunities to explore career goals or concentrate on a specific social issue that a student would like to explore in more depth. The director of career services and internships oversees internships in cooperation with Dr. Hayes, who serves as the sociology department's faculty sponsor. Internships are open to all juniors and seniors who have achieved at least a 2.0 GPA. Internships are designed for students seeking three units of credit and are graded on an S or U basis.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, you must apply at least 20 days prior to the start of the internship. Applications may be made through the internship office.

Recent internships included placements in:

  • Social Work
  • Public Schools
  • Daycare
  • Probation and parole
  • Correctional facilities
  • Law firms
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Institutions for emotionally handicapped and delinquent youth
  • Recreation centers
  • Community redevelopment
  • Halfway houses

SOC 481: Field Experience in Social Welfare

This course is specifically designed for the student seeking a minor in social work, or for sociology majors who would like a practical experience which broadens the work they have done in the classroom. The field experience offers the student "hands-on" experience in social welfare or other types of agencies. The placement may be arranged as either full-time (12 credits = 480 hours) during the semester or part time (3 credit = 120 hours) during the semester or Interterm. Field experiences are graded on a traditional A, B, C, grading scale.  SOC 101, 255, 354, and 355 are the pre-requisite courses for enrolling in SOC 481.

Credit Requirements:

A student may enroll in an internship program (SOC 480) for three credits per semester. No more than two internships may be pursued in any one agency or business and a maximum of nine credits in internships may be applied toward graduation.  Students wishing to enroll in the Field Experience (SOC 481) for 12 credits are encouraged to enroll in an independent study in Social Welfare for an additional 3 credits for the semester.

SOC 483: Senior Practicum in Crime and Justice

This course is the capstone for the crime and justice minor. It provides direct experience with the field through placement in agencies of law enforcement, adjudication (courts or law firms), and corrections/rehabilitation/community restoration. The experience is under the careful supervision of both the agency and the sociology department. The practicum requires 120 hours of field participation over the semester.  Weekly journals and a final substantive paper, integrating the experience with scholarly research and the larger framework of justice in society, are required. At least two courses from SOC 311, 319, or 412 and one course from the crime and justice minor electives, are prerequisites.