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Crime and Justice Minor

The Crime and Justice Minor allows students to study the origins, structures, and social impact of crime, as well as the large social institutions that comprise justice systems in the United States and elsewhere.

While the focus will be upon structures of law, justice, and crime, the lens will be explicitly sociological. That is, students will examine how definitions of crime, the legal sanctions against it, and the social institutions created to control it shift over time in relation to shifting values, and socio-economic and political power.

The minor is also intended to generate interest in tackling and resolving persistent social problems. To that end, the minor stresses critical thinking and the ability to take multiple perspectives, and it will require students to pursue both the integration of ideas, and the integration of ideas with practical experience.

Whether you are a student interested in a legal or justice-related career, a sociology major interested in pursuing graduate work in the rapidly growing field of criminology, or if you are simply intrigued by the law or crime and its social repercussions, this minor will allow you to explore those interests in depth.


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Timothy Brazill