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Cultural Studies Minor

The focus and design of the cultural studies minor at Bridgewater College enables students to analyze "culture" from various disciplinary perspectives and demonstrate how interdisciplinary scholarship can enhance cultural understandings in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The cultural studies minor will enable students to:

  • Articulate the various theories that shape cultural studies (Marxism, Feminism, Critical Race Theories, Poststructuralism, Postcolonialism, Postmodernism)
  • Analyze multiple representations of culture ranging from high culture and aesthetics to popular culture and its commodities and trends
  • Deconstruct messages within media and visual culture
  • Examine "culture" as a process as well as a product
  • Recognize the power dynamics within a given culture as well as between cultures
  • Analyze the permeability and usage of space (geographically, architecturally, and/or metaphorically).
  • Understand race, class and gender as social identity constructions
  • Transcend disciplinary boundaries when analyzing the production and performance of culture.

Departments engaged in the cultural studies program and their
contacts include:

Art Department
Professor Covert
Professor Jost

Communications Department
Dr. Laliker
Dr. Strano

English Department
Dr. Elick
Dr. Suter

Dr. Fleis
Dr. Morton

Political Science/History Department
Dr. Frueh

Sociology Department
Dr. David Reznik

Questions About the Cultural Studies Minor?

Please contact:

David Reznik