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Social Work Minor

At Bridgewater College, the minor in social work is a pre-professional program that introduces the student to the unique dimensions, broad-based approaches, and multiple skills required within the field of social work. Students who are grounded in a strong liberal arts tradition, and are preparing for employment and/or graduate work in the profession of social work, will find the minor provides a strong foundation for their long range academic and career goals. While a minor in social work is open to all majors at Bridgewater College, a major in sociology best complements the minor. Effective social work practice depends upon a combination of critical thinking skills, an understanding of the interrelatedness of micro and macro perspectives, and a concern for social justice. Social work is unique among the helping professions because it simultaneously addresses the concerns of the individual and the social context in which he or she lives. Social workers, as professionals, are committed to both compassionate care and social change at the local and global level.

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