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Flory Honors Program | College Catalog

The Flory Honors Program is for students who:

  • have outstanding academic records and find excitement and stimulation in the learning process
  • want to develop the skills for independent inquiry and research necessary for excelling in graduate and professional schools
  • crave the opportunity to be creative and to develop the capacity to meet new challenges
  • want to push the boundaries of knowledge and explore uncharted intellectual territory
  • want to be part of a social and academic community of motivated learners

The Flory Honors Program is an honors program consisting of stimulating and interesting opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. In the curricular element of the program students take a minimum of five honors designated courses, plus an honors project and the capstone seminar (IDS-470H: Senior Capstone Seminar), for seven courses total. First year students begin the program with an honors section of PDP-150 (Critical Inquiry in the Liberal Arts), the College’s freshman seminar.

A student may become a member of the Flory Fellows in the following ways:

  • Bridgewater applicants who have a minimum 3.8 high school grade point average (GPA) with strong SAT scores and transfer students with a high GPA in college courses receive an invitation from the provost and vice president for academic affairs.
  • Enrolled students in either the second semester of their freshman year or the first semester of their sophomore year with a Bridgewater College GPA of 3.5 or higher may be nominated by a faculty member.

Flory Honors Program Course Options

A variety of options are offered for completing the honors course requirements. The most common path is taking an honors section of an existing course offered for the general education, major or elective credit. Honors courses are different in that they provide greater opportunity for students to develop their capacities for creativity, independent learning and leadership.

In addition to honors designated courses, another possibility is completing an honors upgrade to a non-honors course. In an honors upgrade, students work closely with faculty to build an additional honors component to the course that expands upon the course material in creative and challenging ways.