New Student Orientation

Spring Orientation for Undergraduate Students

Students who have been accepted to Bridgewater College and have paid their $300 deposit are eligible to attend a spring orientation session. Designed as a two-day event, spring orientation helps incoming students and their parents become familiar with the Bridgewater College

community and emphasizes how to transition into college life. Led by faculty, staff and trained student orientation leaders, spring orientation provides information about academic programs, student services, housing options, student organizations, intercollegiate athletics, financial aid and campus events. Students also take placement tests in math and world language to help determine their course enrollment for the fall semester. Faculty advisors assist students with pre-registration during spring orientation.

A summer orientation is offered for students who are unable to attend a spring orientation session. This is a one-day session with a limited program of activities.

Welcome Week for Undergraduate Students

Welcome Week takes place when new students arrive on campus in the fall and is the final piece of the orientation process. The week’s events are designed to assist students in the transition to becoming successful Bridgewater College students. During Welcome Week, students complete the registration process; meet faculty, staff and upperclassmen; and participate in many interactive activities specifically designed to aid in the transition to Bridgewater College.

Graduate Student Orientation

Graduate programs directly schedule orientation for their admitted students. Information regarding program-specific orientation will be communicated to the student from the graduate program. Graduate students are not expected to participate in the orientation program designed for undergraduate students.