Summer Sessions | College Catalog

Bridgewater operates a three-week and a six-week summer session to enable students to accelerate completion of their degree requirements in three years instead of four, to allow graduate programs instruction time, to enable students who have fallen behind in their work to catch up in their programs, and to enable area teachers who need credits in academic and professional subjects for the renewal of their certificates to secure them.

An integral part of the total college program, the summer session offers standard courses for undergraduate programs, most of which are taught in the regular session. Additionally, 10-week courses for graduate programs are offered, some of which are only offered during the summer session(s). A student may enroll for a maximum of 4 credit hours in the three-week session and 7 credit hours in the six-week session. To enroll for more than the maximum, a student must receive written permission from the provost and vice president for academic affairs.