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Political Science Minor

Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

Consists of 21 credit hours distributed as follows:

Introduction to American politics covering thedevelopment of American democracy relationsbetween the states and the federal governmentelections the role of the media the threebranches of national government and currentpublic policy.Corequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 General Education social sciences

Unit(s): 3

Changing conceptions of freedom and virtue inancient Greece to contemporary politicalphilosophy.Students analyze popular films to illustrate andcritique philosophical theories.Prerequisite ENG 110 and PDP 150 or 350General Education philosophy or religion ðical reasoning

Unit(s): 3

Introduces students to the world as a site ofpolitical activity. Examines institutions andprocesses on a global scale. Topics includesovereignty power globalization warmultilateral institutions the environmenttrade development poverty and a variety ofcurrent events.Prerequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 General Education Global Dynamics

Unit(s): 3

Introduces the diversity of political structuresprocesses cultures ideologies and change(revolution democratization etc.) asmanifested in multiple national political systemsin the global community. Introduces theapplication of social science methods topolitical phenomena. Considers the outcomes ofpolitical systems for human well-being.Prerequisite PDP 150 or PDP 350 General Education global dynamics

Unit(s): 3

And 15 additional credits from PSCI courses numbered 300 or above.

Students may take one internship (PSCI 480) toward these additional credits.

This minor may not be taken in conjunction with either a major in history and political science or a major in global studies.

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