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Mathematics Minor

Division of Natural Sciences

Study of differential calculus of a single variable. Applications of the derivative are made to curve sketching max-min problems and linear approximation and IHopitals Rule. Also included are applications of the Intermediate Value Theorem and Mean Value Theorem. Credit may not be received for both MATH 130 and 131. Prerequisites MATH 120 or satisfactory performance on placement test

Unit(s): 3

Study of integral calculus of a single variable. Included are techniques of integration and numerical methods of integration. Applications of the integral are made to computing area volume arc length and selected topics. Prerequisite MATH 131

Unit(s): 3

Emphasis is on mathematical proofs. Topics include properties of integers (such as odd even prime etc.) division algorithm least common multiples greatest common divisors binary operations ad modular arithmetic. Prerequisites MATH 110

Unit(s): 3

Emphasis on finite dimensional vector spaces and the algebra of matrices. Vector topics include n-dimensional vectors dot product norm orthogonality lines planes projections and cross products. Matrix topics include systems of equations matrix operations Gauss elimination determinants eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Prerequisites MATH 120

Unit(s): 3

Continuation of Calculus I and II. Included are Taylor polynomials infinite series and polar coordinates. Also included is an introduction to multivariate calculus and multiple integrals. Prerequisites MATH 132

Unit(s): 3

And two additional MATH courses numbered 300-450, excluding MATH 360

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