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Web Design and Development Concentration

Division of Natural Sciences

The Web Design and Development concentration gives students practical knowledge and experience building aesthetically pleasing, intuitively designed and professional websites. Students begin by learning how to design and build static web pages with HTML5, CSS3 and how to program in the Java programming language. Next, students learn the JavaScript programming language and use it to create dynamic content in a web page. To complete the concentration, students learn how to write dynamic 3D animations in the HTML5 canvas object, using the Babylon.js JavaScript library and associated tools.

Consists of 13 credits, including the following courses:

This course is an introduction to computerprogramming using Java a contemporaryobject-oriented language. Topics covered includethe Java programming language ad fundamentalconcepts for algorithm and software design. Theseinclude problem-solving methods procedural anddata abstraction top-down modular design andproper programming style. Students gainexperience using these skills to design codedebug and document computer programs. The coursecontains 3 credit hours of lecture and 2 hours oflab per week.

Unit(s): 4

Design and construct websites using current HTMLand CSS standards and digital tools includingBrackets Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Emphasis ondesign process content development andprofessional workflows.

Unit(s): 3

This course focuses on the Javascript programminglanguage. Students learn how to use JavaScripta browsers DOM and BOM to dynamically manipulateweb pages. JQuery and web applicationprogramming interfaces (APIs) for web servicessuch as Facebook and Google Maps are alsodiscussed.Prerequisites CSCI-105Alternate years offered 2016-2017

Unit(s): 3

Introduction to 3D graphics and animation usingJavaScript and the Babylon.js API. Scenescameras lighting shadows materials collisionavoidance and physics engines are discussed.Prerequisites CSCI-240Alternate years offered 2017-2018

Unit(s): 3

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