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Holly Caldwell Ratwani

Holly Caldwell Ratwani
Associate Professor of Business Administration
George S. Aldhizer II Department of Economics and Business Administration

“My teaching philosophy encourages students to be passionate about the field of accounting and to highlight the benefits gained by being financially literate,” said Prof. Holly Caldwell Ratwani, who is an associate professor of business administration. “I hope my passion in the field inspires my students to take a more active role in their education.”

She said she truly believes that a professor’s job extends outside of the classroom – an ethic that makes her an active participant in guiding students into job placement in either the public or private accounting fields after graduation. She said she was deeply touched by a heart-felt thank-you note she received from a student, and described her favorite moments in teaching as “the light-bulb moments” – those when she knows the students are starting to understand the material.

After Ratwani’s own graduation from Bridgewater with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, she attended graduate school at Virginia Tech and obtained a master of accountancy in taxation. She is also licensed in Virginia as a certified public accountant and completed her M.B.A. from the University of Maryland University College in 2006. One of her personal goals is to become a certified forensic accountant – a growing field that uncovers, investigates and attempts to eliminate fraud, along with increasing oversight and transparency of financial statements.

In addition to teaching, developing curriculum and teaching strategies, mentoring students and setting up job interviews for accounting students, Ratwani has served on many committees at Bridgewater and is currently the chair of the department of economics and business administration.

“I work with a wonderful group of professors who strive daily to better the lives of our students, and I’m blessed to have a career that I love and look forward to daily.”

In 2013 Ratwani received the College’s Martha B. Thornton Faculty Recognition Award. The award was established in 1990, to honor faculty who “provide caring concern for students well beyond the role as teacher.”