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Sam Guida

Sam Guida
Class of 2014
Biology Major

"Most interns faint on their first day." That is what Sam Guida was told by the staff at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic on the first day of her internship. Not Sam. Blood doesn’t bother her at all.

Observing a veterinarian remove an eyeball from a dog who had glaucoma, Sam had what she considers the perfect view – right beside the doctor and the dog. "He talked me through the whole process," she said. "I learned a lot by watching close-up rather than from a distance."

Sam, a biology major, has a passion for animals. A passion she is looking to develop into a career – as a veterinarian for large animals at a zoo.

Sam’s love of animals goes back to age 2 when her parents presented her with a black Newfoundland named Bernie. Sadly, Bernie died recently, but Sam says "it was like growing up with another brother." She has two pets, a six-year-old cat, Banana, and a kitten, Baxter, born this past summer. Sam’s eyes light up when she talks about Baxter, whose mother abandoned the runt of the litter when he was two days old. Assuming the mother role, Sam bottle-fed the kitten every two hours including getting up during the night for feedings.

For a senior project in high school, Sam completed her first internship at Warren Animal Hospital. Observing surgeries such as spays and neuters on cats and dogs, Sam found she not only had a passion for animals but also enjoyed the work that went on in the hospital. Following the internship, the hospital hired her for the rest of the summer to walk the animals, feed and bath them.

During the summer of 2011, Sam signed on for a two-week internship at Acoaxet Veterinary Clinic in Westport, Mass. The high-tech clinic provided her the opportunity to see ultrasounds and observe complicated surgeries. One of the challenging surgeries she observed under Dr. Charles Schor was the removal of a basketball-sized tumor on the stomach and leg of a Labrador retriever. The chance of survival for the dog was slim, but he made it through the three-hour surgery much to everyone’s relief.

Completing the two internships has helped Sam solidify in her mind that she has chosen the right career path. As she looks toward job opportunities for the summer of 2012, she says "networking with the clinic staff has provided me with ideas of places to work."

Following graduation from Bridgewater College, Sam plans on pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine.