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Joe Macklin

Joe Macklin
Class of 2014
Political Science Major

Coming to Bridgewater College as a freshman, Joe Macklin had no intention of becoming president of the student body.

Instead, taking the reins as president was more of a process. “When I first got to Bridgewater College,” said Joe, “I fell in love with the place. I wanted to figure out a way that I could serve the school.”

Elected by his peers, Joe served on the Student Senate as a sophomore and junior. Half-way through his junior year, he decided he might be a good fit as student body president. As someone who cares deeply about the BC community, he felt that he could make a difference.

Joe said his goal as president is to unify the campus, bringing students, faculty, staff and alumni together.

Some of his initiatives this year include a new budget proposal process and a fall Student Senate retreat.

The retreat provided an opportunity for a lot of open communication. “We talked about our goals for the year,” said Joe. “We talked about what we expected of each other and what the senators expected of me.” The group also looked at its responsibilities to the student body.

Joe’s primary responsibility as president of the student body is to serve as chair of the Student Senate, which meets every two weeks. He also serves on a number of the College’s committees – the Diversity Committee for Academic Affairs, the Student Life Council, the Inauguration Committee and the Bookstore Committee.

His duties also include speaking engagements such as Opening Convocation, receptions and welcoming alumni to Eagles We-Haul on new student move-in day.

Serving as the man behind the gavel, Joe has gained a number of life skills, including time management and trusting people.

“When I came in as a freshman,” said Joe, “my time management skills weren’t the greatest.” He realized early on that that coming home from play rehearsals at 10 p.m. and staying up until 3 a.m. studying was not going to work. “I worked on my time management and I started picking up more activities my sophomore year.”

A self-proclaimed micro-manager, Joe likes to have his hand in everything that is going on. With so many things going on at one time, he had to learn to trust people. “This year in Student Senate, I am surrounded by people that I can trust to get their jobs done on time,” Joe said. “It’s wonderful to have people behind you that have the same goals and aspirations.”

As president, Joe is looking forward to another BC tradition – calling the next student body president with the news that they have been elected to serve their peers.