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Sarah Rico

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Sarah Rico
Class of 2014
Communication Studies Major with a Concentration in Public Relations

Full-time college student, single mother of an infant daughter and holding down two jobs – how does Sarah Rico do it?

With careful time management, help from the baby’s father and lots of energy on very little sleep.

“It was very important for my family that I go to college,” said Sarah. “It’s something that not many of them got to do.”

Sarah is proud of her grandma, who at the age of 57 earned an associate’s degree in criminal justice from Everest College in Nevada.

Knowing she would be responsible for paying the tuition for her college education, Sarah had a plan in place. First, she would graduate from high school, then become a massage therapist and use the income to finance her college education.

Bridgewater offered Sarah a financial aid package that she never expected. “When my mother saw the financial aid package, she said, ‘You are going to college right now.’” Sarah agreed that the time and cost were right.

On Easter 2013, Sarah gave birth to Abigail, a welcome addition that was not part of the original plan.

Sarah says that while she is technically a single mom, Abigail’s father, who she plans on marrying following graduation, is very much in the picture. “He is the one who takes care of her while I am at school.”

Recognizing the importance of having a field experience, Sarah said she knew she needed to complete an internship. The question was how she was going to have time to do it.

Upon seeing an email from the office of career services for a paid summer internship at the Augusta Military Academy Museum, Sarah immediately sent her resume.

Accepted for the internship, Sarah enhanced her skills writing news releases, researching cadet files and creating an internship guide book, as well as two newsletters – a magazine newsletter and a monthly electronic one.

Sarah rounds out her busy schedule by holding two part-time jobs – babysitting other children while taking care of Abigail and delivering pizzas.

Sarah’s future looks strong as she and her boyfriend both plan on pursuing master’s degrees. Sarah will gain experience in the workplace while he is obtaining his master’s and then she will follow his lead.