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Flory Fellows Honors Program

Flory Fellows

The Flory Fellowship of Scholars is for students...

  • With outstanding academic records who find excitement and stimulation in the learning process.
  • Who want to develop the skills for independent inquiry and research necessary for excelling in graduate and professional schools.
  • Who crave the opportunity to be creative and to develop the capacity to meet new challenges.
  • Who want to push the boundaries of knowledge and explore uncharted intellectual territory.
  • Who want to be part of a social and academic community of motivated learners.

The Flory Fellowship of Scholars is designed to provide additional challenges and opportunities to outstanding students. Many of the Flory Fellows courses are honors versions of existing courses and satisfy general education requirements. They are taught as smaller classes and provide opportunities for different types of student learning and faculty teaching -- greater independence, research and discussion formats. Other honors courses will be new, created for Flory Fellows.

A 3.8 or higher grade point average is required to be a member of the Flory Fellowship of Scholars. Incoming freshmen students who present promising high school records will be invited to apply for admission to the program by Dr. Carol Scheppard, vice president and dean of academic affairs. Currently enrolled students may also be recommended for consideration as a Flory Fellow by a faculty member.

To graduate with the endorsement of the Flory Fellowship of Scholars, a student is required to maintain a 3.4 or higher grade point average and complete a minimum of six honors courses plus an honors capstone seminar. The endorsement includes special recognition at Commencement, a corresponding imprint on the diploma and an honorary medallion.