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Benefits to Being a Flory Fellow

Flory Fellow Medallion

Course Options:

Only Flory Fellows are entitled to take the three types of honors courses offered at Bridgewater. To graduate as a Flory Fellow, students must finish a minimum of seven such courses, one of which must be the senior capstone seminar. The other six courses can be either Honors Sections, Honors Upgrades or the Honors Linkages.

  1. Honors Sections – These are special sections of regular courses, all of which meet requirements for Bridgewater’s General Education Program. Scheduled in coordination with the registrar, honors sections are open only to Flory Fellows and are restricted to a maximum of 15 students, which creates an atmosphere for these General Education courses that more closely resembles what students usually find in upper level major courses.
  2. Honors Upgrades – Flory Fellows may work with their professors to get honors credit for most non-honors courses offered at the college. To upgrade a regular Bridgewater course, the Fellow and course professor meet at the beginning of the semester and negotiate ways to explore the topics of the course in greater depth or sophistication. Upgrades allow Fellows to work closely with Bridgewater professors and to tailor courses to meet their own specific goals.
  3. Honors Linkages – Linkages are one-credit, independent study projects that integrate the concepts and themes of courses from different disciplines that the Fellow is taking or has taken. Linkages allow students to pursue self-directed, integrative learning under the supervision of a professor, and are among the most exciting and unique opportunities of the Flory Fellows program.

Networks of Engagement:

Aside from the ability to participate in these exciting learning opportunities, being a member of the Flory Fellows offers students a powerful network of academically oriented peers and a variety of resources designed to support and reinforce curiosity, integration, independence and leadership. Through the Fellowship, Fellows make the most of their liberal arts environment and learn to recognize, develop and articulate the skills and attitudes cherished by graduate programs and potential employers alike.

Social Gatherings:

  • Periodic dinners and events
  • Speakers and discussions
  • Local outings to the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Va.

Intellectual Events:

  • The Flory Fellows Forum—a late summer retreat on the James River
  • Supper with Substance gatherings one evening each month
  • Post-convocation discussions February 29 (Debate: The Death Penalty with Bud Welch and Jeff Jacoby) and March 13 (Debate: "The American Way of Higher Education – Does It Need Reforming?" with Claudia Dreifus and Richard Hersh)
  • Opportunities to attend pre-convocation dinners with guest speakers


  • Recognition as an intellectual leader on campus
  • Official designation on your diploma and transcript
  • Graduation medallion and personalized announcement