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Bridgewater Affiliated Programs

The following study abroad programs are “Bridgewater Affiliated Programs”:

Vienna, Austria
Brussels, Belgium
Dalian, China
Nicosia, Cyprus
Quito, Ecuador
Cheltenham, England
Reading, England
Athens, Greece
Chennai, India
Derry/Dublin, Ireland
Xalapa, Mexico
Dunedin, New Zealand
Barcelona, Spain

For “Affiliated programs,” students are charged Bridgewater’s standard tuition, fees, room and meals for the semester abroad and institutional financial aid from BC will be limited to $7,000 per semester, for one semester. Tuition, room and meals are included in these programs. While some students are likely to pay more for the international semester than for an on-campus semester, the financial aid office can provide details related to your specific aid package. Travel-related costs like airfare, country visas, travel insurance, etc. are borne by the student. The Center for International Education can assist students in locating and applying for outside scholarships. The Center for International Education assesses a one-time study abroad fee from all applicants.

Financial assistance from federal and state aid programs may be available for students participating in study abroad. The College establishes an annual limit on the availability of institutional funds to support study abroad programs and the amount of institutional assistance available will vary by program.

Although study abroad is generally a junior-year program, students may not always be able to receive institutional assistance from the College in the semester of the year of their choice. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) determines the eligibility for need-based federal, state and institutional aid programs.

To find out more, click any of the above links and make an appointment to speak with Anne Marsh, the coordinator of international education,

To be eligible to participate in a semester study abroad programs, unless the director of international education grants a written exception, a student must:

  • Have completed at least 30 credit hours of academic work at Bridgewater College
  • Have status as a junior
  • Intend to return to Bridgewater College to complete college work after the study abroad experience
  • Have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average