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Interterm Travel

Interterm travel courses offer a study abroad experience in a few short weeks, giving you first-hand knowledge of another culture and inviting you to discover more about the world around you. From France to India and Hawaii to the Caribbean, travel and learn with BC.


Morgan Keplinger

Morgan Keplinger ’13

“My first trip outside the United States took me to South Africa for the Interterm class “The Politics of Social Change: Studying the Apartheid in South Africa.” This memorable experience allowed me to learn and gain knowledge about this country, their people and their journey to try to find unity as a people. I am so grateful that I was able to become informed and learn through traveling to South Africa and seeing it for myself.

Interterm is an intensive three-week academic class session, with focus on a single course. Students can earn 1 to 4 credits for interterm classes. Travel courses often emphasize history, language, culture, communications, philosophy, art and music.

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Preregistration begins in the spring prior to the trip, and professors often post information and hold sessions for interested students. In the fall semester immediately preceding the trip, students can also obtain a travel-specific Interterm preregistration form from the registrar's office.

Interterm 2015 Travel Courses

PSCI 338: The Politics of Social Change
Professor: Frueh
Interterm/first summer session travel course in which students travel to a site of recent political and social changes to explore the causes, dynamics and implications of revolutionary change.

General Education: Global Diversity
Estimated Extra Cost: $3700

BIO 259: Travel Course in Natural History
Professor: Puffenbarger
Explores the biology, geology, climate and natural history of geographic regions outside the Shenandoah Valley. Students examine the ecosystems, flora/fauna and conservation issues of the destination. This is a field course requiring travel, typically in Interterm. The course will travel to South Africa.

Prerequisites: BIOL 100, 101, 110 or 112
Estimated Extra Cost: $3700

SPAN 305: Culture of Costa Rica
Professor: Fleis
The purpose of this study abroad experience is two-fold: 1) Allow students to study the Spanish language in an immersion environment. This includes lodging with host families and daily classes at a Spanish language institute, and 2) To expose students to the life and culture of Central America, more specifically Costa Rica. While students live in and explore the modern Latin American city of San José, they will tour the museums of National History, Modern Art, and Jade; market areas; The National Theatre; Moravia, (artisan enclave); and other sites of interest. Additionally, they will make excursions into the countryside to see volcanoes, coffee and banana plantations, to learn about native flora and fauna in the rain and cloud forests, and to visit Manuel Antonio National Park and Reserve. Taught in Spanish.

Prerequisite: SPAN 101
General Education: Global Diversity
Estimated Extra Cost: $3000

THEA 315: Theatre in London
Professor: Cole
An exploration of the rich and varied theatrical scenes in London through nightly attendance at professional and nonprofessional productions. The group attends professional West End classical, modern, and musical productions. A music hall performance and holiday pantomime, as well as nonprofessional theatre in the London suburbs are on the itinerary. Daytime backstage tours, theatre workshops with working professionals, and visits to other locations of theatrical, historical, and cultural interest complement the experience, as do side trips to Stratford-upon-Avon and Oxford.

General Education: Fine Arts
Estimated Extra Cost: $3500