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Pre-Professional Programs

Excellent preparation for professional study

Within the context of its liberal arts curriculum, all of Bridgewater College's diverse academic departments offer majors appropriate for students seeking to continue their education at the graduate level. Some programs, such as those listed below, may or may not be a component of the student's major, but also provide relevant experience for graduate and professional schools. These programs are crafted in consultation with a faculty advisor, and may include required or recommended courses, recommendations for standardized test preparation, internships, and participation in relevant campus clubs and organizations. The specific curriculum is designed to mesh with the student's other coursework to provide the breadth and depth of preparation necessary for entering and succeeding in competitive graduate and professional programs.

The personalized advising that Bridgewater provides to all its students is particularly central to pre-professional preparation. Those interested in the following programs should contact the chair of the coordinating academic department for further information.

In addition to these programs, Bridgewater also offers several dual degree programs with cooperating universities in the fields of physical therapy, engineering and nursing. Also, certification or pre-certification programs are offered in accounting (department of economics and business), athletic training (department of health and human sciences), teacher certification (department of education) and medical technology (department of biology).